Anthony is interested in understanding how to tune the properties of dynamically cross-linked polymeric materials. He is exploring the application of these materials in drug delivery, regenerative medicine, and stimuli-responsive systems. His work currently focuses on the development of an injectable, self-healing hydrogel for long-term drug release. 



PhD, Materials Science & EngineeringStanford University - Expected 2020

BS, Chemistry (with minors in CS and Maths),  New York University - May 2015



Accel Innovation Scholars Program, Stanford University, 2019
Eastman Kodak Graduate Research Fellowship, Stanford University, 2017-2020
Edward J. McNelis Thesis Award in ChemistryNew York University, 2015
Phi Lambda Upsilon AwardNew York University, 2015
George Granger Brown Scholarship in ChemistryNew York University, 2014


Department of Chemistry, NYU, 2012 - 2015
Research Advisors: Prof. Michael D. Ward
          Anthony utilized real-time in situ atomic force microscopy to measure growth rates of L-cystine crystals in the presence of molecular inhibitors and common urinary macromolecules. The goal of this project was to develop a new treatment option for L-cystine kidney stone formation by precluding crystal growth at the molecular level. This work involved: i. elucidation of the role of common urinary macromolecules on kidney stone formation, ii. examination of the inhibition of crystal growth by cystine molecular analogs with amino acid perturber groups, and iii. comparison of the inhibition mechanism of two cystine analogs exhibiting greater biostability in mice than previously screened analogs.



Anthony was born and raised in San Francisco, CA, but moved out to New York City for his undergraduate years. While in New York, he experienced snowy holiday seasons for the first time, relished the incredible food culture of the city, and found time to pursue his interest in Chemistry. However, after two hurricanes and a snowpocalypse, he decided to move back to sunny California. In his free time Anthony likes to swim, play soccer, hike, watch movies, and learn about (and eat) good food.