Emily is interested in the intersection of polymer chemistry and immunology-related biomedical applications.  She hopes to use her chemistry and biochemistry background to develop biomaterials for drug delivery and disease detection.  



PhD, BiochemistryStanford University - Expected 2021

BS, Chemistry & BiochemistrySwarthmore College - June 2016



ACS Scholastic Achievement Award, Swarthmore College, 2016
ACS POLYED Award for Achievement in Organic Chemistry, Swarthmore College, 2014
Centennial Conference All Academic Award, Swarthmore College, 2013
IAI Annual Scholarship Fund Award, Swarthmore College, 2012



Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Swarthmore College,  May 2015 – Jun 2016
Research Advisor: Prof. Stephen Miller
          Emily worked to characterized the interaction between DHAP and C-LsrR (a protein in the interspecies AI-2 quorum sensing pathway). The goal of the project was to use the new understanding of the AI-2 pathway to alter bacterial populations through manipulation of their communication system instead of using traditional antibiotics. 

Amgen Scholars Program, Washington University in St. Louis, May 2014 – Aug 2014 
Research Advisor: Prof. Kristen Naegle
     Emily helped create a system for efficient phosphorylation of recombinant protein. Ultimately, the system would be used to more easily analyze and understand critical post-translational modifications, such as in childhood Leukemia.

ASSIP Program, Krasnow Neuroscience Institute, George Mason University, May 2013 – Aug 2013 
Research Advisor: Prof. Ted Dumas
          Emily worked with a team to evaluate whether amorphous silicon carbide was a viable material for probes implanted in the motor cortex of rats.  This was part of a larger project to improve a component of the brain-machine interface that will be used to allow humans to better control prosthetic limbs.



Emily grew up outside of D.C. in northern Virginia.  She stayed in the area and earned her BA in Chemistry from Swarthmore College where she also played on the varsity soccer team.  After college, Emily was more than willing to make the drive across the country to pursue her PhD in Biochemistry at Stanford University.  When she isn’t in lab she enjoys running, hiking, camping at any of the beautiful local parks, and reading.